Ankle swelling could be related to heart problems

The technically proper term here is Ankle Oedema (pronounced Uh-Deema), also known as puffy ankles (non technical). Ankle swelling is essentially fluid retention around the ankles & feet can worsen & spread up the legs.


ankleThis fluid retention can be due to a multitude of things. It can be a normal thing, especially if you stand for long periods (also becomes more common as you get older….sorry!), if you’re pregnant (the baby places pressure on the veins which bring blood back up towards the heart) or if you injure your foot/leg. Swelling can also be due to an allergic reaction or certain tablets.

More serious causes of swelling can be due to kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid problems and serious lung disease. Heart failure is also a common cause of ankle swelling and can be associated with getting short of breath, not being able to lie completely flat in bed at night or waking up at night short of breath.

Heart failure is due to the heart not working efficiently & no longer being able to pump blood around the body as it should. This can be due to the heart beating too fast, too slowly or the muscle being damaged. Heart muscle damage occurs following a heart attack, high blood pressure, excess alcohol use or from such things as infections, inherited conditions and in some cases we never work out the cause.

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