Dizzy Episodes and Blackouts

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There are a huge variety of conditions which lead to dizzyness. Most involve problems with the inner ear where your balance centres live. Blackouts are commonly attributed to epilepsy but can be  ‘vagal’ in other words some  people are more prone to fainting.

Blackouts can also be due to severe stress & anxiety as well as heart problems. 40-50% of people will have a blackout at some point in their life. Most of these episodes will just need assessing by your GP and reassurance given.

Heart problems do cause a number of issues leading to both dizzy episodes & blackouts. Heart conditions include a fast or slow heart rate, high or low blood pressure, valve problems within the heart (the valves being too stiff or floppy) or muscle problems with the heart itself. Heart issues should be borne in mind & investigated if episodes happen more than once & especially if the person sustains injuries.

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Dizzy Episodes & Blackouts