Worried about Blood Pressure?

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A person’s blood pressure varies from one minute to the next, depending on what you’re thinking or feeling, level of anxiety/stress, pain or general mood. A 24 hour blood pressure monitor or an ambulatory blood pressure monitor is one of the most efficient ways to get accurate readings of the patient’s blood pressure levels over a period of 24 hours.

A small and portable device is used to measure the readings and can be worn by the patient around his/her arm. The device makes use of an internal clock in order to record readings after a regular interval of time over the period of 24 hours. By using this type of a monitor, the patient can feel free to go about his natural everyday routine instead of being confined to a clinic or hospital.


As the procedure eliminates the effect of ‘white coat hypertension’ , it is considered a reliable and efficient method to measure the blood pressure. White coat hypertension is the anxiety and stress experienced by some patients when they come to see a doctor in hospital or clinic (apparently people get scared by doctors’ white coats – even though we don’t even wear them any more!).

Why is an ambulatory blood pressure monitor used?

There are many reasons why a 24 hour blood pressure monitor is a preferred option when it comes to recording the blood pressure variations in a patient. They are as follows:

They can be used to confirm if a patient really has high blood pressure or blood pressure just goes up because they are seeing a health professional. It can be used to measure the response to any new medications or change in medications.

Measuring the blood pressure of the patient efficiently over a period of 24 hours, doctors can have access to information that can even be used to diagnose other issues related to high blood pressure, such as certain hormone problems.


The risks associated with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor

As it is a non-invasive procedure, there are no real risks or complications that can develop during or after the procedure. The procedure has an ‘annoyance factor’ because you have this cuff around your arm tightening every 20-30 minutes & you have the small monitor attached to your person.


General procedure and protocols followed when making use of an ambulatory blood pressure monitor

As the procedure makes use of a simple portable device in order to monitor and measure the blood pressure of the patient, there are no special precautions to be followed. However, during the procedure, it is important for the patient to record the activity he/she is performing at the time of blood pressure recording in order to provide well documented and efficient data to the doctors.

If you have concerns about having high blood pressure or control of you your blood pressure, please get in contact to arrange an appointment and a 24 hour blood pressure recording if appropriate.